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When the Corporate Wars destroyed civilization, the coastal city of Eureka, California, found... Read More
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I wasn’t always the bad guy…Once upon a time, I was simply Veronica Neill: daughter, sister,... Read More
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People are dying all around Reagan Bennett. They’re dead because someone—something—has... Read More
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Sent away from the Fae court and raised as a human, Eleanor never knew of the Fae realm.The... Read More
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From Slush to Pulp

From Slush to Pulp

Musings and news of OtherRealm Studio's journeys from the realm of ideas to the realm of real
  • Penance Copper AMA and Drawing

    Posted On By Paula Richey

    Penance Copper needs help choosing a heroic codename! To that end, she's agreed to answer your questions so you can make suggestions for a suitable hero name for Book 2. If you want to know more about this ex-henchgirl, her powers, and her life in the Heroes Unleashed Universe, now is your...

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